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November 5, 2017

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Where can I find a pickup game…? was built to answer that simple, yet beautiful inquiry.

Our site is a free service for the Ultimate community to post their pickup games, and to find new ones. As UFL grows, we hope to become an effective online resource for locating Ultimate Frisbee pickup games and regional tournaments.

There are many games mapped to help jump-start your search, and there are several ways to find them: by map pin, by city name, by “tag cloud”, or by typing a keyword (e.g. park name) in the search box.

Look around, there are pickup games to be discovered in your community, as well as in some amazing, picturesque venues around the world. We encourage you to road-trip and seek-out new games and meet other Ultimate Junkies like yourself, but regardless of where you find the game….you must take steps to prevent the dreaded Buzz-Kill!!

Preventing Buzz-Kill!!

What is Buzz-Kill? Imagine…  You’re swigging your RedBull, getting psyched to play. You’ve traveled an hour, music jammin, pumped to get your Disc-on, only to be greeted by the sound of crickets and an empty field when you arrive…that’s Buzz-Kill!

When you do locate a game – take the time to visit the game’s website and email the main contact to confirm game time and field location. With proper steps we can all help prevent Buzz-Kill for ourselves and for our fellow players!

Quickly Add Your Game

If you’d like to add a pickup game or tournament to our map, simply fill out a game form and you’ll be added.

New to the Sport?

Check out these helpful links to get you up to speed.

Have a great game!

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