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Start a Tournament

Q: How do i start an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in my area?

A: 10 steps to starting an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Congratulations for wanting to start an Ultimate tournament. It is the next phase of a major, full-blown addiction to flying plastic. The information provided is a bit more detailed in comparison to organizing a pickup game, since there are more logistics involved and the expectations are usually higher. Pick and choose what tips work for you. Your mileage may vary, depending on your city, state, country, hemisphere as well as your personal temperament.

What are the key steps to starting an Ultimate Frisbee tournament?


1) Why have a tournament?
• To raise funds for profit or for a cause?
• To raise interests in your community about the sport?
• To rally the base of players to do something new?
• To jump-start an old tournament that has died out?
• Is it a one-time event or a new yearly tradition?
• What type of tournament? Club or Hat? Will it be sanctioned?

2) Form a planning team
This can be the first or second step. If it is the second step, revisit step #1 to make sure that everyone in the group agrees with purpose of the tournament.
• Surround yourself with willing participants who want to see this event succeed.The earlier the better.
• Pick an Executive Director(s) and begin delegating.
• Create a time-line and a task list.
• A task list will help identify the types of volunteers needed

4) Logistics: Where and when will the event be held?
• When does it make the most sense to have the tournament?
Are there other events that will conflict with your tournament?
• Are there events that will compliment/ enhance your event (e.g. a concert at night, a water park, sports festival, health fair)
• Ample parking? Water? Bathrooms?
• How green will your event be? …purchasing, carpooling, waste

5) Cost Analysis: 
• liability insurance (third party or UPA?)
• Facilities: permits, security, tents, PA, music
• Commerce: Bank accounts, credit card transactions
• Legal issues?
• Do you become a non-profit?
• Office supplies: pencils, paper etc
• Marketing/advertising: Sponsorships, Fundraising tools, logos, ads, website, flyers, emails, maps, directions, discs, t-shirts, photography
• Attendee provisions: food, water, lodging, camping, camping facilities, party, awards.
• # of volunteers needed
• Participant Fees and what comes with the fee? Disc, Shirt, Meal, game food, award, party?
• Establish a budget
• Consider paying people for some more complex tasks


6) Marketing:
• What is the theme?
• Do you have a logo? (have a disc contest or ask a graphic designer to handle the duty)
• Getting the message out: website? email? Facebook, Twitter, postcards, flyers?
• Fundraising? interfacing with the benefiting organization eg Livestrong, Unicef, etc
• Sponsorships?
• Donations?
• Have a clear budget in mind
• If you have access to a marketing person or a graphic designer who can take on the major tasks and stay within ideal.

7) Communication

8) Volunteers

9) The Event


10) The wrap up

• Check on shipments as well as sponsor commitments and special requirements
• Planning meeting
• Make radios are charged and communication assignments are clear.
• Distribute walkie-takies, two-way radios, or cellphones. Make sure each person in chain is supplied an extra battery.
• Check on all last minute supplies
• Train key volunteers day before or day of
• Make sure everyone on staff has map of all critical areas, along with phone numbers, addresses. Key contacts, and contact info.
• Know where hospital is.
• Know what to do in case of emergency

• Arrive early to secure any needed space…fields, picnic tables, parking.
• Begin setup before players arrive
Thank you cards to all sponsors, hosts and the volunteers

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