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March 11, 2018

Start a Team

Q: How do i start an Ultimate Frisbee team?

A: 10 Steps to starting an Ultimate Frisbee team

Well i see your mild rash is starting to grow into a larger addiction. So you want to start an Ultimate Frisbee team? Is it for fun and social reasons or for hunting and knocking-off the big boys at a more competitive rung? Either way the steps are similar.
What are the key steps to starting an Ultimate Frisbee team?
Step 1: Planning team 

It usually takes 2-3 players who want to form a group

What type of team do you want to be? Chill or competitive or somewhere in the middle?

Step 2: Communication

Step 3: Expenses

Step 4: Logistics/Calendar

Step 5: Tryouts

Step 6: Tasks/Volunteers

Step 7: Marketing/Fundraising

Step 8: Practice/Skills Development

Step 9: Injury and Replenishment (see step 5)

Step 10: Another year or disband?


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