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March 11, 2018

Start a League

Q: How do i start an Ultimate Frisbee league in my area?

A: 10 Steps to Building an Ultimate Frisbee league

So you want to build an Ultimate Frisbee league? Amass groups of people total psyched to play organized ultimate on a frequent basis. How Awesome!!

A league is kind-of-like a tournament but rather than a day or two, it spans the course of a several weeks, but it is simpler because there are less moving parts to organize. Still there is lots of work ahead but, you have Disc-Rash bad and this is another way to scratch the heck out of it.

This article will highlight how to begin, form and maintain an Ultimate Frisbee league. These are helpful suggestions to get you started. Your mileage may vary depending on your city, state, country, hemisphere and personal tolerance to pain. Pick and choose what works for you.

The real beauty about this endeavor is that at the end of the day you’ll have expanded the joy and beauty of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee that much more, and that is a great thing!

What are the key steps to starting an Ultimate Frisbee league?
Step 1: Planning Committee – Assemble a Team

Step 2: Expenses

Step 3: Logistics

Step 4: Communication and Reporting

Step 5: Person Power – Employees v Volunteers

Step 6: Marketing

Step 7: At the Game

Step 8: On Going

Step 9: Rinse and Repeat – Expand to another season

Step 10: Transfer to the next group

Step 11: Build Stadium

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