Daylight Saving Begins
North America
March 11, 2018

Start Something!

Got an itch for more disc, but want to move beyond simply showing up and playing the game?  Start something! There are many different ways to get immersed in the sport of Ultimate and here are just a few. Start a Pickup Game? Starting a year-round or seasonal pickup game is fun and ensures that you have a weekly place to play…or you can take your itch for disc to the next level and Start a team.

If you want to challenge your organizational skills you can Start a Tournament, or better yet Start a League. Tournaments and leagues add instant excitement to the Ultimate community and to your boring activity calendar…from the planning stages to the actual event execution there is lots of satisfying work to be done.

From starting a simple pickup game to starting a new league… all great ways to raise interest in the sport, as well as bring the Ultimate community together and to also scratch that pesky Disc-Rash that has been growing within.

Other ways to start something…
• Hold a skills clinic
• Coach youth Ultimate at a local middle school or high school
• Volunteer with your local Ultimate organization. There are many organizations around the world doing great things to advance the game of Ultimate.
• Donate or volunteer with Ultimate Peace


7 on the line! can be a powerful call.

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