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March 11, 2018

What is Pickup?

If you play enough casual sports you may take the term “Pickup” for granted.
For the newly initiated athlete…What does pickup mean in the Ultimate frisbee world?


  • They are casual games of Ultimate!
  • Players of any skill level are welcome — rookies & newbies included!
  • Pickup is open to public — Membership is NOT required
  • They are great venues to improve your skills
  • They are great places to introduce yourself to the Ultimate community.

To get in a game, call “Last Back” and get on the line of the receiving team after a point.

What to bring

  • plenty of water
  • cleated shoes (aka soccer boots) or trainers…highly recommended!
  • both a white and a dark shirt¬†(please, NO GREY shirts. Grey is neither)

The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee.


Player Etiquette
We’re seeing many new (not necessarily beginners) faces at pickups recently…that’s great!!
Just a gentle reminder for some positive habits at pickups (also applicable in other occasions, even tourneys) …please:

  • Bring discs (duh!!), so you can practise your throws while waiting for your turn on the sidelines (No discs? Ask, beg/borrow)
  • Bring BOTH a white and a dark top (to distinguish teams, allocate/balance players)
  • Introduce yourselves, mix around, get to know other players, create a friendly conducive atmosphere (quality of play and courtesy/etiquette are not mutually exclusive).
  • Be accommodating towards beginners
  • While there are no ‘referees’, the sidelines and other players can usually be relied upon as a check for your conscience. If not, seek the ONE
  • Note that witty/satiric/ironic “heckling” and “trash-talking” are highly valued in Ulty culture.
  • clear your trash (in every sense)

Happy playing!



(thanks to Singapore Ultimate for these lists)

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