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March 11, 2018

American Ultimate Disc League – Team Names & Trophy Ideas

Coming from a Marketing perspective, I have a few ideas for the new league to consider concerning the naming of teams and potential end-of-season awards.

Team Names…a little rant
I’ve seen the new league in action, and the play is tight and fun to watch, and with controlled growth and good marketing the AUDL will be around for a long time. That said, when the league expands, I hope the owners demand stronger, more original names. So far, the best team names are “The Rampage” and “The Revolution.” Both strong, solid names. Who thought up The Cranes? (Wax-on, Wax-off), The Alley Cats? (Guys and Dolls), and “The Constitution?” (powered wigs and fore-score). The Constitution as a document, is an incredible, forward-thinking piece of history, as a team name, not so much. Plus, for the most part long, multi-syllabic names don’t roll off the tongue or evoke strength, and coolness as a mono-syllabic or duo-syllabic names do…hey butt-head what about the Revolution?….well my mono-syllabic theory already has a hole in it.

And what-up with The Detroit Mechanix? An auto-freudian slip maybe? I would have expected a more nobler name to be chosen for team representing the Motor City rather than the historically correct. Frankly, to be more automotively accurate, the first team in Michigan should have been named “The Stall,” with sister teams named “The Tow,” then “The Mechanix.” Funny stuff eh?..err never mind. Also, putting an X at the end of a name is such a junior marketing faux pax, and should only be used if your team name is either Malcolm or Racer.

Potential Names
Exploring the current lexicon of Ultimate terms there are plenty of potential team names to choose from. A few that come to mind… “The Huck”, “The Force”, and my personal favorite “The Hammer.” Strong and to the point. Others..”The Slam”, and “The Rise.” Not an Ultimate term per se but cool nonetheless.

Since the bulk of the Ultimate action by sheer number of players is on the West coast, I expect to see a team or two surfacing out here soon. In anticipation of their arrival, here are some regional suggestions for names. The Flick would work well for SoCal (LA/ Hollywood scene), but “The Smog” would be the better name, but the UCLA men’s Ultimate team has a lock on the name (Smaug) but not the spelling. More appropriate but less likely… “LA Gridlock”, “Dude”, “The Plastic”, “Crunchies”, “The Tofu”, “The Methlabs”, “Botox”, “The Augments”, “The Silicones”, or “The Shakes”. For Hawaii, the Scoober would work well (too inside?), or the “The Hang” (Hang Ten), but the natural fit would be “The Leiout”.

Trophy ideas
The AUDL championship trophy should be beautiful and unique to the sport. I suggest a beautiful sculpture based on Andrew Davis’ photo from the recent article in the Slate …would make a great looking trophy. The other suggestion is the league’sMVP trophy should be cool unique trophy. May i suggest a scupture based on the picture of the sport’s famous novelty picturethe dude catching a disc with the jumping alligator. That would be very awesome tropy to have on a mantel, and equally hilarious and so inside.

More to come…

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