Daylight Saving Begins
North America
March 11, 2018

America Ultimate Disc League (AUDL)

New to the Ultimate Frisbee landscape is the introduction of The America Ultimate Disc League’s. The AUDL’s inaugural season started up in April, 2012. With the Connecticut Constitution playing the Rhode Island Rampage and the Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Columbus Cranes.

This map, created by the AUDL, shows the logo and the home location of each of the league’s initial 8 teams.

AUDL Mission
To provide fans with an affordable, exciting and entertaining sporting experience. To build and maintain interest in the sport within our communities through superior service, outstanding entertainment, and personal integrity. To serve and support each team within the league by providing a framework of organization and conduct.

The continued growth of this very cool sport marches forward. What’s next… College scholarships? The Olympics? All in good time.

AUDL! Good luck and much success!