Daylight Saving Begins
North America
November 5, 2017

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

Welcome to for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Carnival and Ultimate! Need i say more? Find an Ultimate Frisbee pickup game by selecting an icon from the map below. Here is the legend to our site.

Red=Weekend/ Blue=Weekday/ Green=Beach / Raincloud= Alternate Field

Enjoy your game!

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6 Responses to “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ultimate Frisbee Pickup”

  • pablo:

    to create a pick-up, what should I do?

  • bill wason:

    How do i find out about ultimate pick up games in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil? is there a web site or a particular location for these games on weekends.

    • admin:

      Hi Willy,
      Check the map pin link for web and email information.
      Have fun playing in Sao Paulo.

  • Chris:

    Hi, I am going to be in brazil all January, and I would like to play some ultimate. Please contact me at

    I will be mostly in rio, and I have a very open schedule.


    • admin:

      Hi Chris,
      I would recommend following the web links provided on the Rio map pin. Brazil ultimate is the main point for all the Ultimate activity in the country. The main game in Rio is the Copacabana/Leme beach game, but there are many other club games and practices around the Brasil that encourage players to drop-in and participate.

      Have fun playing and safe trip!