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North America
March 11, 2018

About UFL

I got an itch for disc and i can’t scratch it!

The conundrum…As an avid ultimate player for the past ten+ years, like many of you, I have grown addicted to this wonderful game. When traveling on business, it was always a challenge to find a pickup game. At tournaments, players spoke fondly of their local pickup game, where everyone was welcomed, yet they never took the time to spread the word so others could join.

Over time, after seeing the ever growing appeals and email inquiries  “Does anyone know where i can find a pickup game?” I decided to build this site. I’d like to think of it as for Ultimate Frisbee Pickup, but I substituted the messiness of individual dating, for a more enjoyable flying-plastic group-dynamic.

Site Goals

The site goals are simple, to be a source for ultimate pickup games and local ultimate tournament information, but also to bring the Ultimate community closer by providing useful information about the game in general, sprinkled with commentary and some knuckleheaded humor. At the end of the day, there is something very cool about encouraging a new player to join the growing disc ranks, or to have a fellow player from another city, state or country join in your game, with the common language being Ultimate Frisbee and the sport’s core value…Spirit of the Game! Ultimate Field Locator would like to be that catalyst.

Who Built this Bad-Boy?

Ultimate Field Locator was created and designed by award-winning, San Francisco Bay Area based designer Lawrence McKendell. The site is built on a WordPress platform, sandwiched with google map code, and fine-tuned using Adobe’s Creative Suite 4. The site’s ongoing development is fueled by a passion for Ultimate, and a constant creative buzz, enhanced by a steady IV drip of caffeine (a la Peet’s coffee). If I am not burried in a cafe creating content for my clients, I can usually be found playing in a variety of pickup games around the Bay Area, or logging miles, running the fire-trails of the Oakland hills, or on the trails of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin. If you see me say hi!

If you have a question about design or the website drop me a note.

Have a great game!

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